Nationwide Shipping is available for your new Australian Labradoodle puppy. We use proven Pet-Save programs. (Usually shipping with Delta and American, although sometimes via US airway, Continental, and United Airlines.) The airlines we use are very reliable, and we have never had any issues. We send the puppies in a padded and comfortable travel crate with plenty of food, and feeding and instructions for the airline pet handlers to follow. Your puppy will travel in a temperature controlled cabin, and will be well taken care of.

Shipping is $400 to any Major airport, and includes a pet carrier, padding, feeding dish, food (enough for the trip, as well as to get you started once you are home), Vet Health Certificates needed for travel, and a very health, happy puppy!

Shipping fee includes:
• Shipping Crate (Can be used in the house crate-training process)
• Feeding & Water Dish & Food
• Transportation to Airport
• Health Certificate and acclimation papers from the Veterinarian
• Airline charges for travel
We only ship to Major International airports. We do this to ensure the puppy spends the least amount of time in transit. Your puppy will go from my hands, to the airline, to yours. All shipping fees must be paid 10 days in advance. Once reservations have been made and a confirmation number has been sent to you, the shipping fee becomes non-refundable. I prefer to ship on Fridays or Weekends from Salt Lake International Airport.

Shipping Fee – $400.00