Now that you have learned a bit about Winsome Cottage Labradoodles, I’m sure you are wondering what our puppies are going to cost! The price of LABRADOODLES varies greatly amongst breeders, generations and types of Labradoodles. But remember… You get what you pay for!

A breeder that does not put any time or money into caring for their dogs and puppies or does not spend any money on health testing will have the ability to sell puppies cheap. But, is cheap what you want in your family dog? And does it really end up being cheap when you end up paying extra cost because of health issues, bad temperament, shedding coat, and other problems because you saved a little buying from a “backyard breeder?” Here at Winsome Cottage Labradoodles we only breed genetically sound Australian Labradoodles. So much goes into ensuring that you get a quality, loving, good natured, TRUE labradoodle. (Genetic testing includes but is not limited to hip, elbow, vwd, thyroid panels with complete CBC breeder panel, DNA testing, eye testing both clinical and DNA testing for PRA-prcd (which causes blindness), and various other blood tests).

Our Australian Labradoodles are $2,500.00 and include the items listed below.

Included in the $2500 fee your puppy includes:

• Micro chip and paid registry
• Current vaccinations and de-worming
• 3 Generation Pedigree
• 2yr genetic health warranty (Which covers any inherited/genetic life threatening diseases.)
• Puppy kit with leash, collar and starter food. (We only feed our dogs top quality dog food. This ensures healthy skin and coat. It also insures proper growth and nutrition from the balance of various vitamins, Proteins and fats).
• Information on how to care for your new puppy, potty training, feeding, grooming, etc
• A lifetime of continued care and support to our clients and life-long friends!!!

There is not a price difference for color, size or gender. Both males and females make great family pets and companions.

Payment Options

You may pay by Cash, Certified Check, or Paypal.
Paypal makes it possible to pay by credit card or bank account online!
To discuss further payment options, arrangements, or questions, please call or email anytime!
Rachel Evans – Sales Manager

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